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May 07 2008

Sad irrelevance

No, Joost Lagendijk, Dutch Europarliamentarian and chairman of the EU Turkey Commission, did not call opposition party CHP ‘a disaster’, nor did he say that ‘European social-democrats are ashamed of the CHP’, a party that has its roots in social democracy. That’s how Turkish media quote him, incorrectly. But his criticism of the CHP was nevertheless harsh. The CHP pays …

May 05 2008

Nice to meet you

My name, Fréderike, is a source of ongoing confusion. For example, some time ago I tried to make an appointment with a feminist group and visit their office on a night when they had some activity organised. I had mail contact with one of the members of the group, and she was hesitant to let me in. So I …

May 01 2008

‘Illegal’ demonstration

In the world-wide demonstrations and protests held to mark International Labour Day, only in Turkey did things get out of hand. Police used water cannons and tear gas on demonstrators heading for Taksim Square.

Why? Because their demonstration was ‘illegal’. Why? Well, easy: the authorities prohibited a Labour Day march, officially because there were fears …